Where and When

We meet 1st and 3rd Sunday mornings starting at 11:00am (ish) at one of our homes.

Check our Facebook Page  or drop us an email at info@blueoceanfaithspringfield.org for specifics.

What does this look like?

We aren't your "normal" church service. We believe that one thing that is frequently missed is Praxis (per wikipedia: "the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied, or realized"). We also believe that many of these spiritual practices help bring wholeness. AND many of them are actually scientifically proven to improve your health. So for our regular gatherings we will spend time focusing on these things!

What exactly does this look like? Well, we think this varies depending on the people in the room. This can include:

Time hanging out

A few minutes of a speaker

Time of interaction about a topic

A spiritual practice

A few minutes of meditation

Or something different...

We think that it's just as important for us to be out in the community. So we may spend our regular gathering time doing a service project, meeting with others, or something else entirely! We will announce these activities in advance on our Facebook page.