Our Leadership Team

Chelle Cartee Vollmer

Chelle Cartee Vollmer is from Portsmouth, Ohio. After graduating from Wright State University with a dance degree, she put down roots in the Dayton area with her husband, Jon Vollmer. She dances with Fueled & Aflame dance company, directs two junior companies and teaches dance in the Dayton area. Chelle loves spending time with family and friends. Jon and Chelle have a son.
Chelle is closest to God when she’s using movement as worship and prayer. She grew up at the dance studio and at church, and her relationship with God really grew when she connected God and dance.

Jonathan Bussler

Jonathan is the token minority. Also an Air Force dependent, he grew up with a strong sense of duty. At age 18 he joined the Ohio Air National Guard in Springfield Ohio. He is married to Olivia and has one son. He currently is a civil servant with the United Stars Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio.

Jonathan is the secretary officer on the church board. He enjoys movies, reading and playing games.

Vicki Krebs (Co-Leader)

Vicki grew up in Wisconsin, and moved to Ohio when she was a teenager. She spent her early adulthood working with YWAM in Europe and the Middle East. She moved back to Springfield in 2009 and obtained a degree in Linguistics from The Ohio State University. In early 2014, Vicki met a lady called Pam and fell in love. They have been married since September 2015, and now live in Springfield with as many dogs as they can fit in their house. Vicki works as a 911 Dispatcher, and Pam works for a dual diagnosis mental health and addiction recovery center in Dayton.

Vicki's spirituality is constantly evolving, and she enjoys the journey more than searching for a destination. At heart, she is a mystic, and she loves learning about all faiths. 

Allyn Crowe (Co-Leader)

Allyn is the token "older white dude" on the leadership team. As an Air Force brat, he grew up all over the place including 5 years in England but he calls Bellbrook, OH his "hometown". He is married to Carla Crowe and father to their 2 children Julia and Michael. He received a Bachelor's in Psychology and Computer Science from Eastern Michigan University. He is a computer/ geek by trade and a "do whatever is necessary" handy-person by demand. Allyn enjoys a bit of everything reading, watching TV, running marathons, hiking with his family, etc.

He served for 12 years as the executive pastor in an evangelical church. He left when the restrictions on LGBTQ+ people became more important than acceptance and love. He holds his spirituality with open hands, and identifies most closely as a Christian mystic but even that is an incomplete label.