Why Full Inclusion Matters to Everyone

Whenever one group is singled out, everyone is worse off for it. Fear and judgment increases. Others wonder, “Could this happen to me, if I’m honest about who I am?”  If a few texts can be misapplied to LGBTQ+ people, what is to prevent the same thing happening to others who are perceived as different? Often, the approach to spirituality that supports exclusion, makes it more difficult for women, people of color, and others.

Our group is LGBTQ+ inclusive. This means we perform LGBTQ+ weddings and have no glass ceiling on how anyone can serve. One of our co-leaders is a married queer woman. That said, our group is not about being gay or straight. By removing the traditional barriers and tearing down the walls of discrimination, we can get on with the joy of our spiritual journey without fear. 

We feel honored to be part of a movement to end the harm done to LGBTQ+ people. This is a work of the Spirit in our day, part of a necessary reformation of the power structures.