What’s with the name, Blue Ocean Faith?

Blue Ocean Faith is about a faith that expands rather than narrows our horizons. It’s an approach to faith that seeks connection rather than separation. The ocean, after all, is what connects all the landmasses on planet earth. Nobody owns the blue ocean. No one can claim to have plumbed its depths. It’s dynamic, always moving, always changing. The ocean humbles us. When you get far enough away to take a picture of planet earth so it fits in one frame what you see is blue ocean.

Blue Ocean Faith Springfield

We "officially" began to meet in the spring of 2018. In 2017, after leaving their previous church, Allyn and Vicki had been talking about doing something spiritual and communal (we even discussed calling it some kind of something). Through a variety of different conversations and discussions, we found that we weren't alone. Others felt that there was space for us to help bring spiritual health and wholeness through connections with others. That's our goal. We want to focus on health and connection because we think all of the rest of "the stuff" will fall into place as we do this.

What does this look like? We approach spirituality through a variety of traditions and practices. We embrace the knowledge and experience that is available to us through different faith traditions. At the same time, we are intellectuals, skeptics, mystics, and lovers of science. And just as important is the artistic vein that runs through it all. So this might look a little different than what you're used to, but we think it's by experiencing all that we have available to us we can come to a place of health and wholeness.